October 21, 2020

Manali Travel Guide | Places to Visit | Things to Do

Manali, with a soothing backdrop of Himalayan mountains, offers adventure, peace, tranquility to the core.

It is such a destination, that will leave you mesmerized, with the view, cuisine, people, activities to do a lot more.

India being a versatile country, does serve us with some extraordinary beauty, one that couldn’t be spoken in words, nor picture can do them justice.

Manali indeed is a portion of heaven on earth, the beauty is undeniably the best.

The freshness of the moist, snow-topped mountains, exotic Himalayan fruits, scenic path, challenging activities for the adventure enthusiast.

You get everything, for everyone, the best part is, it fits the budget too.

Prepare yourself for rocky terrain, unimaginable landscape, deep valleys, twist turn roads that will lead you to the natural beauty.

Although this place does experience the heavy flow of visitors throughout the year, you will be shocked to know that it’s still so clean calm.

That’s because of the people that protect the mother earth, in a way that still lets the charm of this mountain destination glow becomes the top spots in Himachal.

When to go Manali | ideal Season

Summer season is coming it is indeed an ideal season to visit this chilly destination.

Before the monsoon arrives, prepare yourself to visit this location, as post during monsoon, there is a great possibility of rain slides heavy showers.

Summers are ideal as the roads are accessible, the weather is pleasant, you get to experience snow in top areas it’s a very sunny day.

Clean air, fresh apples, beautifully grown flowers, green valleys chirping butterflies birds on the blossom is what you can experience during pre- winters & Summer.

What to Do Apart from Sightseeing | Adventure

Indeed, Manali is ideally meant for tourists to explore the land, beauty, nature through sightseeing, but there is more to it.

If you are an adventure enthusiast, you will be more than happy to know that this location is going to serve you with the most amazing activities.

Show your daredevil side out bring the inner thrilled seeker vibe in you alive.

You can explore activities like fishing, rafting, paragliding on the top of the mountains, skiing on the snow lapped bed, hiking to an undiscovered destination.

Not just that, you are also capable of camping, where there are great options like stargazing, barbeque fun, light music born fire in the wood.

There are so many trekkers to communicate with, they organize amazing treks especially for adventure geeks.

Where to stay in Manali | Luxury to Affordable

If you are here for a romantic getaway, book a luxurious villa or cottage that offers a top view. It will be a beautiful way to spend quality time with your loved ones.

There are apple orchards all around, snow-capped mountain view from the balcony, with mountain setting.

If you are with a group of your friends, the guest house will be great, old Manali has village rooms that you can share with your family or friends whatsoever.

For backpackers, you have got so many options to choose from.

Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Manali

  • Solang Valley

This seems to be the most gorgeous spot in Manali that attract visitors in Summers for adventure activities. While in winter it is ideal for its snow-capped mountains ski activities.

After the snow is cleared, you have got paragliding options to enjoy, overall, it is the best spot that keeps you entertained throughout. You will be left with no choice but to spend an entire day, enjoying Manali from the top view.

There are many places at this spot to visit, there are small villages, temples, cultural oriented cuisines to try. This place will keep you entertained for sure it’s a glorifying spot that you must visit.

  • Rohtang Pass

This is an ideal spot specially to witness the snow life of Himachal Pradesh. Rohtang pass is a gorgeous destination, basically situated on the mountain top.

It shows a fantabulous view of the Himalayan mountain range, that is a must to watch the sight.

You have to cross many rocky terrains, rough patches, valleys, twists turns to reach from the main Manali to Rohtang.

With that, there are crazy adventure activities to do there, starting from Ski, snow games, igloo-shaped temples, photoshoot so on. This is a major route that takes you from Manali to Leh.

There is a number of vehicles restricted through this spot, as it is a single lane road.

  • Old Manali

Up above the world so high, Old Manali is the destination to go by!

From the world chaos to an extremely peaceful, serene field, nature-oriented, exotically satisfying destination.

Old Manali remises of the old charming times of this spot, where you encounter pretty villages, small houses, small shopping markets. And this is an extremely local spot where you get great quality hmade products at the best price.

It is an ideal spot especially for those who want to shop locally, enjoy the traditional cuisine live a Himalayan life for a day.

This will give you the retro vibes of this destination, with guest house, small cafes, mythological places to cherish your mood.

  • Hadimba Temple

Dhungri Forest is a spot to stop by on your way to Old Manali, there is a beautiful location named as the ancient Hadimba Temple. This is one of the eldest, pure extremely gorgeous temples made of wood.

It will give you a very different vibe altogether when you visit it. It has got a great exterior, the wood carving is something to experience once in your lifetime.

There is a natural habitat to make yourself in love with, the Yak ride is so much fun. Although those Yaks look very aggressive, they are too lazy, then you have fluffy rabbits all around.

There are people who sell them, people who click the picture of the tourist with the rabbits. It’s all fun extremely different from experience, in fact, it has been spotted in many movies too.

This is dedicated to the Goddess Hadimba people of the town worship her a lot.

  • Jogini Waterfall

An enjoyable slightly short hike to this destination will keep you entertained, as you have flora fauna to accompany.

This waterfall is particularly the most impressive spot, take a dip in it, it’s chilly, it will probably give you a lifetime experience.

The truly enchanting view will be noticed, as you reach the fall, its too gorgeous with the river flowing, extremely transparent.

There are few hotels, restaurants to visit nearby, you can enjoy this waterfall especially after the monsoon.

  • Beas River

The powerful Beas river will give you plenty of opportunities to do fun crazy activities in the river. You can also have Pahadi special Maggi which is made exactly near the river, it is like enjoying hot Maggi sitting on the rocks in the river.

The rapid flow of the river will also lead to experiences like rafting especially in the monsoon. Also, the river is so transparent, blueish you will be mesmerized to view the river while enjoying the view of the mountain sceneries.

If you wish to explore other activities, you can also enjoy Zip lining that will take you from one spot to another spot of the river.

  • Photography:

You won’t believe but it is true, this spot is ideally meant for a photoshoot. People prefer to locate themselves to this spot for a pre-wedding post-wedding photo shoot.

There are so many breathtaking, exotic locations, that actually leave you in awe. Not just that, there are professional photography experts who drop by take a landscape nature-oriented photoshoots.

If you are a photography expert wish to start your first nature project, you will definitely have a great time in the mountains. The birds, animals, floral life, valley, local cuisine everything is going to do justice to you.

  • Away from the Chaos:

Step aside, walk some miles, do some extra efforts take yourself to the top of the mountains in Manali.

You will be mesmerized in your journey to Manali especially road trips from Delhi will be the best.

There are so many routes to cover through the trip it is like a must to visit spots.

A picturesque destination to keep yourself entertained through the trip.

You will never run short of places or things to do because Manali serves to be the top place.

Plan your trip to this destination with a bunch of your friends, family or your loved one enjoy life like never before.
The Mountains are calling You!

So, let’s begin an enthralling Journey to the Top, enjoy snowfall, gorgeous valley, crazy routes the flora fauna worth exploring…!


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