September 22, 2020

Best Holiday Destinations In India

Whatever be your mood or ocassion, sometimes you want to spend quality time with your friends , family or even alone it will always be the best if it is spent at a place that will refersh you by its share beauty, peace tranquility sprituality. Welcome, you are blessed that you are in india here you will find thousof choices of best places to visit in india. You will find all variety of tourist places in india from hill stations to beches to spiritual places many more places for summer vacation in india or for any other mood or family holiday. Even if you travel a lot there will always be some unseesn unexplored tourist places in india left for you to explore in your next holiday plan. Nainital , mussoorie , goa , kerala , shimla , manali , ooty , mahabaleshwar are among the list of best places to visit in india. In the himalayan mountanin , on western ghats in southern hills you will find many tourist places also along the costline like goa , kerala,  andaman. The north eastern part also consist os some of the best places to visit in india that are still not so much popular. 

Here we are listing some of the best places to visit india find more details about them pick a holiday plan.



Nainital : Uttarakhand

Nainital is one of the most famous hill stations of india, it is also one of the best place for summer vacation in india also a honeymoon destination. Nainital is visited by tourists throughout the year especially in summer…….



Think of a beach holiday the first thing that comes to mind of an Indian is Goa the beach capital of India. a small state but one among the nation’s biggest tourist destinations. Whether you’re planning a family holiday…..



Blessed with some of the most spectacular beautiful landscapes Shimla is one of the most famous tourist destinations of India in the state of Himachal Pradesh one of the choicest honeymoon destination in India….


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