October 20, 2020
Corbett National Park

Corbett National Park Tourism

  • Country : India 
  • State : Uttarakhand
  • Sea Level : 2500 FT
  • Railway Station : Ramnagar
  • Airport : Pantnagar
  • Visitor Say: Excellent

Road Distance 

  • From Delhi : 300KM
  • From Mumbai : 1705 KM
  • From Kolkata : 1450 KM

Tour & Trips : Corbett National Park

Welcome to Corbett National Park tourism. Corbett National Park has caught the creative mind of numerous with its different natural life amazing scenes. Jim Corbett National Park is arranged in the Nainital area of Uttarakhnear Ramnagar. It is the first national park in Quite a while which got set up in 1936 was renamed after Jim Corbett – the renowned tracker turned progressive creator, who assumed a significant job in the foundation of this national park. It covers a region of 521 square kilometers is isolated into four zones with four distinctive section doors they are amdanda entryway, dhangarhi door, khara door durga devi door. Its geological area between the Himalayas the terai, the streams, waterways edges bungling the territory, present Corbett with a surprising assortment of scenes. This clear mosaic of living spaces – wet dry, plain uneven, delicate tough, backwoods fields – underpins various plant creature species, speaking to Himalayan just as fields sorts. The most popular of Corbett’s wild occupants are the Bengal Tiger the Asiatic Elephant, yet with around 600 shifted species Corbett is one of the most extravagant winged creature areas of India. It draws in a great many Indian Foreign guests every year the number is developing each year. The travel industry is permitted in chosen regions of Corbett Tiger Reserve with the goal that individuals get a chance to see its wonderful scene the different untamed life living here. Corbett stays open to travelers from fifteenth November to fifteenth June. The principle purpose behind conclusion of the Park during the remainder of the year is that during the storms the vast majority of the streets escape. Fix work begins after the downpours end it is just by November that streets are back in motorable condition. Grants are fundamental for entering Corbett Tiger Reserve. For day visits licenses are gotten at the particular Entry Gates. Anyway allows for night ends are given at the CTR Reception Office at Ramnagar. 

So Let’s go to Jim Corbett National Park !!

To get to Corbett National Park you have to initially reach Ramnagar which is only 5 km away from the recreation center. Ramnagar is very much associated with all the significant urban communities like Delhi,Lucknow,Dehradun one can get immediate transport or taxi to Ramnagar from these spots

Places Of interest In Corbett National Park

Animal Around Corbett National Park


Tigers, Asian Elephant, Deer, Hog Deer, Sambar, Barking Deer, Leopard, Wild boar, black bear, Asiatic Jackal, Gharial, King Cobra, Indian Cobra, Indian Rock Pythons are among the numerous variety found here. 

Birds Around Corbett National Park


The incredible  natural surroundings in Corbett is reflected in its great decent variety in the feathered creature life. More than 600 species, a significant number of them uncommon jeopardized, have been recorded in around the recreation center. these incorporate about fifty sorts of winged creatures of prey that give a one of a kind character to the woodland. The extraordinary assortment of living space in Corbett is reflected in its noteworthy decent variety in the winged animal life. More than 600 species, a considerable lot of them uncommon jeopardized, have been recorded in around the recreation center. these incorporate about fifty sorts of flying creatures of prey that give an extraordinary character to the forest


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