September 22, 2020
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Badrinath Tourism

  • Country : India 
  • State : Uttarakhand
  • Sea Level : 10800 FT
  • Railway Station : Haridwar
  • Airport : Jolly Grant
  • Visitor Say: Excellent

Road Distance 

  • From Dehradun:  350 KM
  • From Mumbai : 2000 KM
  • From Delhi:  575 KM
  • From Kolkata: 1725 KM

Tour & Trips : Badrinath

Welcome to Badrinath tourism. Badrinath is the one of the holiest pilgrim destination for Hindus is one of the Char Dhams visited by lakhs of devotees every year. it’s located on the banks of Alaknanda River is surrounded by high Himalayan mountains. The Nar Parbat is located opposite to the temple, while the Narayana Parbat is located behind, with the Neelkanth peak within the background. The Badrinath Temple opens for 6 months every year, between April November, remains close after November till April because of extreme cold weather. the main god of Badrinath Temple is Lord Badrinath(Vishnu) depicted sitting in Padmasana under a Badri Tree(Jajubi tree). In earlier days, pilgrims used to walk hundreds of miles to go to Badrinath temple which was re-established as a major pilgrimage site by Adi Shankaracharya who lived at this place for 6 years. earlier days. The temple finds mention in several ancient Hindu books like Bhagwat Puran, skpuran Mahabharat. according to Hindu mythology, it’s the place where God Vishnu sat in meditation for years. During his meditation, he was unaware of weather so to guard him his wife Lakshmi took the form of a Badri tree to shade him hence he’s called Badrinath. Pleased by her devotion God Vishnu named the place Badrika Ashram. according to Vishnu Puran, God Vishnu within the form of Nar Narayan choose this place to remain meditate The mountains around Badrinath are mentioned in Mahabharata as the route Pandavas took on their ‘Ascent to Heaven’. The Pandavas passed through Badrinath the town of Mana. Bheem Pul, Vyasa Ganesha caves are in mana where according to legend Mahabharata was written.

So Let’s move to Badrinath!!

The best thanks to reaching Badrinath is by taxi from Haridwar or Rishikesh. Some people accompany their own vehicle but don’t take the danger if you’ve got not driven on extreme hill conditions. The experienced taxi drivers are going to be the most suitable option as they’re regular drivers on the route. Buses also are available up to Joshimath which is around 50km before Badrinath. Most of the pilgrims like better to stay in Joshimath take a taxi from here to Badrinath get darshan visit nearby places come an equivalent day next day plan visit around Joshimath specially Auli which is popular for skiing trekking. it’s not just shrines pilgrimage that Badrinath offers. It proffers the awesome great thing about the snow-clad mountain peaks the surging landscapes of the Garhwal region. it’s a scenic place with book sceneries, undulating peaks, sacred ponds water bodies, Badrinath makes the visitor spellbound with its unparalleled gorgeousness. This majestic look of Badrinath is attributed much by the presence of the magnificent rivers Rishi Ganga Alaknanda. aside from the natural beauty, Badrinath presents excellent opportunity for those that love escapades recreational activities


Places Of interest In Badrinath

Tapt Kund In Badrinath


Located near Tapt Kund, this kund is believed to be the recovery source of the Badarinath idol. the hot water springs comes out from beneath the Garur Shila falls into a tank. Darshan of Badarinath is usually preceded by a holy dip in this kund. aside from that, there are many other hot water springs. Devotees take a dip in them for their religious medicinal value.


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